Friday, February 4, 2011

Find of the week!

Remember that the Find of the Week doesn't have to be something you can buy.  Today was a cold and rainy Friday and the Grandboy had a half day of school, so it was a fast work day for me.  The road to everywhere from my house takes me past this sight:

It's the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse!  Ok, no, it's not.  It stands in someone's yard.  If you're really lucky to pass it in the evening, you might even see it with the light on.  It makes me think of the beach--summer, sand,  sun and ocean. It also makes me think of my very favorite lighthouse:

Nubble Light in York, Maine.  Maine is a beautiful state.  The ocean is very, very cold.  The beach is quite rocky.  My favorite beach is Moody Beach in Wells, Maine.  Aren't these nice thoughts to have on a cold, rainy day in February?  All because of that little lighthouse, standing in a yard that I pass by every day.  That's a Find in my book.


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