Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer days

This has been the fastest summer of my life.  It was a great one with time spent with family and friends, plenty of design work with lovely new clients (my clients are always the nicest people, I am so lucky) two trips to the ocean,  discovering the kayak, oh, the list just goes on and on.  In such a turbulent time for our world, I have had nothing to complain about.  That doesn't mean I don't have my challenges, but I'm always surrounded by trees and air and smiling people, so it's manageable and I feel blessed.

Here's a couple of shots of recent fun:

First and foremost, Hub had great career news, so there was a party--large and festive. 

 I did not take one single picture because I was busy yakking and laughing.  Before it began, I took this shot of some of the lanterns that were hung on the screened porch.  They look so good that I went back to Pier 1 the next day and bought some more--they're on clearance, so it wasn't a major splurge.  The small and medium sizes have LED lights in them.  Very magical at night,  colorful and fun during the day.

Then we went to Wrightsville Beach for a couple of days at the Holiday Inn.  I love that place.  You can park the car and never leave the property.  It's on the beach, there's an outdoor pool and an indoor pool and it's very family oriented.  Plenty for the kids to do and eat.   Not a cheap getaway, but it's definitely a break for everyone.  Friends of ours surprised us by driving down for dinner one night. Then we watched the movie "Rio" on a big screen at the pool.  Very cute.

Here's Grandboy on the beach.  Isn't he getting HUGE?  He can officially swim and rides a mean boogie board. He's my "barefoot boy with cheeks of tan."  Ever read that poem by John Greenleaf Whittier?   Click on the link and enjoy--it's very sweet.

Here's a shot of footprints left by Grandboy and a sandpiper.  It's so much fun taking pictures at the beach.  They all look good! 


Wait--one more. Some of the shells we collected,drying off on my newest dishtowel from Crate & Barrel.  You've got to know how much I love dishtowels.  I think they called this one "beach."  Excellent!

LOTS to talk about.  I promise to be much more regular from now on.  Oh, that didn't sound the way I intended it to.   In posting!  No, it still doesn't sound right.