Sunday, April 29, 2012

E commerce = jack of all trades

We're moving along, getting closer to putting our beautiful draperies up on the website, but the learning curve is mighty steep.  A LOT of time has been spent photographing the fabrics, trims and drapes.  We shoot pictures, then look at them on the laptop, see all the mistakes we've made, shoot more, look at more, see more mistakes, and on and on.  Photography is definitely an art.  And a skill that I do not have.  But I'm learning.  And trying to enjoy the process.

So I've got to get back to work, but will leave you with this photo I took of one of our drapes.  There are a lot of mistakes here--wrong ISO setting, wrong focus, wrong exposure.  But it's still kind of pretty.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally starting to roll out the fabrics for our new drapery line at DeCocco Design!

We've been working on photos of our fabrics to put on the website--days of taking photos in every light, from every angle. You know how hard it is to tell the true color of an item on your computer screen?  We won't be able to solve that issue for the world, but we're doing our best to get color and clarity on our end.  Today I thought I'd share some of the pictures to start wetting your whistle for the fabulous drapes that have been in development all these long months.

We're going to have beautiful blues.

We're going to have gorgeous greens.

And ravishing reds!

Poppin' graphics...

Elegant dots...

Handsome textures...

Fabulous stripes...

Updated coordinates...

For every room.

That's just a sampling--I'll try to post more soon, but I'm on the run every minute to get this new venture up on the website in just a matter of weeks from now.  Can't wait to show you the trims that we've found.  Nothing makes a drape look custom like a fantastic trim.  Our fabric/trim combinations are not found anywhere--I know because I've been looking for them for years!

Back to work.  Thanks for checking in.