Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is more a test than a post

Tough couple of weeks for the computer.  Good thing my brother in law is a genius.  I'm just making sure this post works and will be back with BIG news later in the week.  I know, you've heard that one before.  You'll see.  It's very exciting and I want to tell you about it properly.  Good things come to those who wait....

Jane--will there be computer problems in the future?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Find of the Week!

To be truthful, the Find of the Week for this past week was found in the cold and flu aisle. Totally unfair to get both!  But I'm going to shake it all off and move on because I did come across 2 finds to share with you.

We're doing a photo shoot this weekend on an interior project that's not quite finished.  Design projects can take a very long time to really be  photo ready because these are people's homes and there's no rush to be "finished."  We all need to take our time and keep our eyes peeled for those pieces that truly personalize our spaces.  We find some things while travelling while other items reveal themselves when we least expect it and in places we would never have thought to look.  That's a long way of saying that when I'm ready to shoot some pictures, it's not unusual to have to run out and get a few things to fill a nook here, a cranny there.  In that spirit, I found this table at Target:

I love it!  Nice size, made of metal, very, very useful.  Could be an end table or an extra seat in the room.  And it would work indoors or out.  $70!  I tried to find a picture online, but could not.  Target often carries these "global bazaar"items for a short period of time.  If the client doesn't decide to keep it, I may not be able to bring myself to return it because it's just too good.

Here's my other Find for this week.  The Naturalizer Granola sneaker.  A girl should never be too sick to order a pair of shoes.  I love this Converse/Chuck Taylor look, but cannot wear those super-flat sneaks.  These may look flat, but they're not.  AND they have those "gellin" pads inside.  I've never tried those pads and now know that they're awesome!  My feet weren't just fine by mid-day, they were happy feet.

So a good end to the week.  Wash your hands a lot.  Get your rest, take your vitamins and watch what you eat.  Don't get sick.  My Hub took great care of me, but he can't take care of everyone and now he needs a rest.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Make your bed!

The Raleigh News & Observer's Home Section did a nice article on bedding 2 weeks ago and included me in it.  I love that paper and have been a subscriber for a long, long time.  It's unthinkable to me to start the day without at least skimming through the local paper.  After this article came out, I received so many nice comments, but almost everyone especially liked my admonition at the end of the article to make your bed!

"Cutsom" pillowcases, aka homemade, DIY, handmade. Whatever you call them, they're fabulous on your bed!

Here's the link to the article " Linens In Winter" by Mary Beth Breckenridge (click on the title).  Enjoy!  And I hope you've made your bed.