Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello Fall! Let's get ready for (a little) more time spent inside.

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year, isn't it?  Mother Nature really struts her stuff.  You think green leaves and flowers in every shade are pretty?  Then they all turn a riot of hot shades and it's hard to keep your eyes on the road when you drive as the scenery is so stunning.  Love it!

We start to think of fun holidays and gathering with family and friends, and of cozy evenings snuggling on the sofa.  I might change out a few of the accent pillows, using richer colors and fuzzy textures and then put a warm throw over a chair near a big window with a beautiful view, but has a bit of a draft.

Flanking that beautiful-but-drafty window with a pair of gorgeous drapes in a color like Spicy Amber (shown here on our Modern Stripe pattern with q European header) is a quick and easy way to get ready for the season.  We use a thick nap lining with this fabric, to give it nice body, but it also provides some great insulation against any coolness coming in from the window frame.

Modern Stripe also comes in 2 fantastic blues.  This one is Aqua Delight.  It's more of a bird's egg blue with a raised detail that features a tiny pop of rust with stripes in a range of warm beige.  

And this one is Modern Stripe in our Grey Blue.  A cooler blue, with that raised detail in grey with a stripe that leans toward chartreuse.  This pattern is a great way to use a stripe without going too cabana-y.  We love this pattern in every room, but it's a standout in the Dining Room.  

Since our drapes are custom made upon order, they take 4-6 weeks to arrive at your doorstep.  Now is a great time to start thinking about getting the house ready for parties, pictures and presents!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

We made it! Now everyone can buy our drapes online--easy ordering, great prices, unbeatable quality.

The website is up! Live! DeCocco Design Drapes!  Click and see!

Ok, enough with the exclamation points.  It's been up for about a week, but there were lots of little computer issues to address. Who knew the differences in Internet Explorer and Chrome and Firefox and Safari?  So much to know.  What Gail and I  DO  know about is fabric, color, design, workroom quality AND the fact  that you are going to LOVE the choices we're offering for drapes on your windows! 

We also know how confusing it can be to order drapes and so have worked all these many months (9) to come up with a very special website with a very easy ordering process.  It was really hard to do, but a goal that we refused to lose sight of.  Frustration is not something we want for you!  Oh, those exclamation points keep sneaking back in (but we are excited!).   Beautiful windows in a home that makes you smile--that's what we want for you.

You won't find window treatments like these anywhere else.  We've looked, and that's why we started this company; to provide a great option between ready-made drapes of lower quality from big box retailers and fully custom products that require a lot of time, money and energy spent with an interior designer and custom workroom.  DeCocco Design Drapes provides a happy medium.  We ARE the interior designers and our custom workroom makes these drapes for us to send to your door.  The quality is superb, the linings are premium, the headers are updated and the prices are fantastic.  Compare us with anyone of similar quality. 

We're very proud of our product.  Gail and I wanted to offer something different, something better.  Our fabrics come from some of the top fabric houses in the U. S..  The patterns are stylish with a timeless appeal and of a lovely weight--no flimsy stuff for us--or for you.  These drapes will hang from their rods proudly, substantially, richly.  The colors are glorious.  Some are fun, some are elegant; they're all exquisite.

We're going to use this blog to talk about how easy it can be to  put drapes in your home with spectacular effect.  We'll also talk about the differences in our drapes when compared with anything else in the marketplace, and occasionally show some sneak peaks of upcoming additions to our line of gorgeous drapery panels.  It won't be all drapes all the time, of course.  I can't help but throw in personal stuff and I want you to get to know Gail better.  She's a wonderful business partner and a great friend.  Together, we eat a lot of popcorn and a little good chocolate during our workdays. We work very hard, but we also laugh A LOT in the office and on buying trips (and  during meetings and on the phone and...).

So watch for posts about linings, hems, trims, swatches, lengths, headers, widths, rods, etc.  So much goes into window treatments.  But we've got it all covered for you at DeCocco Design Drapes.  We've even put our email address right on the ordering pages of the website in case you need some professional advice before you order.  Gail and I will personally help you make the right choice.  And really, I can't say it enough that we've made ordering online EASY.  And shipping is free!  Wait till you see.

DeCocco Design Drapes.  Ta da!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


photo by John   Hoge
Be aware of the beauty of this world and dare to show your love to all.  In honor of those who lost their lives in a terrible way on a terrible day, live your life with joy. 


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tomorrow is Labor Day.  Boy, we have labored at DeCocco Design this year!  Lots of great design projects, working with wonderful clients who wanted to see big changes in their homes.   Dreamy stuff.  At the same time we've been working to get the new website up and running to be able to launch the online Drapes collection.  The picture above is my laptop keyboard.  You can see that the letters are wearing off.  There are also keys that are hanging on for dear life and a collection of cookie crumbs.  It's quite a sight.  But all the work is about to pay off, as the website is scheduled to make it's debut tomorrow.  On Labor Day.  Poetic justice, for sure.  I thought we would launch on April Fools Day and I thought that would be appropriate.  Ha.  Tell God your plans and watch Her laugh.

Today I'm very antsy about the new site, so I took myself off to Macy's to buy a new handbag.  Nothing fancy--I'm as hard on handbags as I am on laptop keyboards.  I replaced the old black bag with a new black bag.  Every time I buy a different color bag, I regret it.  Here's a pic of the new handbag:

Looks a lot like the keyboard, doesn't it?  Has lots of nice pockets to stash a variety of supplies.  Big sale at Macy's today.  Isn't there a big sale at Macy's every day?  Hmmm, I can't leave you with these dark and rather dreary pictures.  Let me see what else I can dig up....

Oh yeah!  The Beautyberry is in bloom.  Such a pretty plant.  And, even though the deer have obliterated my sweet patch of Black Eyed Susans, a couple showed up in a new spot:

And when our son, Chris,  was visiting a week ago, he  helped me plant a Fall garden.  Very small, but all that I can handle right now.  There will be several kinds of lettuces, spinach, peas and swiss chard.  Chris is a  great gardener.  Things are sprouting already!  I'll get some pics for you.  I want you to know that you don't have to be neat and tidy and all Martha Stewart-ish to have a garden (I love Martha, but I cannot BE Martha-like).

We'll talk again tomorrow.