Friday, June 8, 2012

Slow down, you move too fast

You've got to make the morning last...

The house is quiet.  It's a beautiful morning.   Life is good.  And today is the last day of school--just half a day, too.  Grandboy has finished 1st grade, with flying colors.  How can it be that 1st grade is already over?  How can he be growing up so fast?  You think kids grow up fast?  Grandkids grow up even faster.  It's unbelievable.

The last week of school is pretty funny.  Quite hectic.  Lots to do, finish up, pack away, send home, send in, show up for.  Ice cream is almost always involved. The backpack starts to get smelly, the uniforms are looking tired (Catholic school--the wonderful TFS in Raleigh), the sneakers are beat to hell, the teachers are looking a tad loopy (I love a loopy teacher).  And there are flowers, balloons, gift bags, hugs and smiles everywhere.

And now on to summer vacation--for the kids.  I remember my summers as a child.  The lake, the beach, family reunions, road trips, Kool-Aid, playing outdoors all day long, reading every book I could in the library, being bored, picking berries, slamming the screen door until my mother yelled, roasting marshmallows--some of the very best memories of my life.

Be sure to make time for memories this summer.  Swing in the hammock whenever possible.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

THIS is what I call an interesting photo of an interior!

You've all heard me whine about my inability to take good photos.  As an interior designer, I know I've got the eye to see and compose good shots, but the technical knowledge is just not there.  Last week I bought the latest issue of Domino magazine.  My interest was piqued by the headline "334 Best Makeovers and Easy Decorating Tips" on the cover and the $10.99 price tag (what could be inside a magazine to make it worth 11 bucks?).  Ok, it was an impluse buy--I've done worse.

I'm enjoying reading it (have made it up to page 74 so far).  The layout inside is lovely.  Clean.  Attractive pictures. Product sourcing and pricing right on the page.  Best of all--and you're going to know what a nut I am here-- the paperstock used is fabulous.  Heavier than the norm.  Nice thick pages.  Great paper is a tactile pleasure.

Then I came  upon this photo on page 72.  My brain said "THERE IT IS!"  My idea of an interesting photo.Lovely  finishes and well used props.  See what you think:

Wow.  Is that a beautiful door or what?  Oh!  The cow!  I'm kidding, of course it's all about the cow. That's the well used prop.  Don't you want give give him a hug?  Be careful--I'm not sure cows like to be hugged. I LOVE this picture.  The photographer is Paul Costello.