Saturday, February 5, 2011

More fab finds

I stopped in to TJ Maxx today.  Haven't been there in such a long time!  I could have taken home many things and tucked them away for clients, but you know I just can't do that.  I don't have a storage unit (maybe I'll get one!) and my office would be crammed in no time.  See the chair above? (phone pictures don't do my finds justice)  Very Restoration Hardware (their new look).  Lovely weathered finish with a hint of gray, beautiful heavy linen upholstery.  $300.  Let's see what RH would charge for this...

This is what I found at  It's on special for $249! How embarrassing. At least you know I'm honest with you!  Of course, you'd have to pay for shipping  and I think the one I saw is a bit more generous in size.  But still....  Ok!  On to the next find!

This lamp is hefty, has a 3 way switch, a brushed nickel finish and a great shade--$50 (or $45.99, something like that--try not to pin me down when I'm in the thrall of the discount experience).  Too bad I can't rip off the plastic covering when I photograph lampshades (don't they know who I am?).  This one is brown with an ivory pin dot pattern.  Very nice.  You get a dark shade that will still give off some nice light (unlike black shades of olde).  I will not be looking up how much it would cost at Restoration Hardware.  I've learned my lesson. 

Then there was this artsy retro  beauty:

The shade isn't quite right, but the base has that lovely drippy fired pottery look. I like it.  No price tag, so it must be free.  I'd guess it to be in the $35-50 range, based on their other lamps.  Aging hippies will snap it up.


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