Saturday, January 29, 2011

Find of the week is here!

So the next time I tell you that Blogger is being difficult and preventing me from posting, remind me to sign in correctly and all will be resolved.  Duh.

Have you ever gone to GreenFront Interiors on Yonkers Rd. in Raleigh?  Good place to poke around.  Big place, lots of interesting items to consider.  A whole room of rugs!  Most of them are a traditional oriental sort of style, but not all.  These two caught my attention;
And here's another one:

These hooked rugs are both 5'x7' and cost....$99!  Nice way to put a little spice in a space on the cheap.  While I'm not into florals personally, I do love a large graphic statement.  This is the sort of rug that can be used in many kinds of interiors. They're playful.  Fun.  $99. 


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