Monday, September 20, 2010

This is an emergency--somebody call an Interior Designer!

Times are tough.  Pretty downright sucky for so many people.  Reading the "Work and Money" section of one of my newspapers last night was thoroughly depressing.  But the "Business" section of my other paper had me inspired and excited.  Just a different mix.  The lesson is that it depends on who, what, when, where and how you're reading.  If we think clearly, we'll remember that times are often tough.  There are many bad times dotted throughout the landscape of our history.  Some very, very bad.  Some just damn tough.  I think this is one of those damn tough times.  Okay, I've said "sucky" and "damn" in the same paragraph, I'll cheer up now.

Mussman Design, CA

BUT, this always means that home becomes more important than ever.  It's our refuge.  It's our place to gather, lick our wounds, plot our revenge, make our plans, watch "Meet the Fockers" and start to smile again.  It's where we gain strength to keep looking for a job. Where we soothe the hurt feelings of a child after a rough play date.  Where we dig out candles for the mantel cause Fall is here and we need a little quiet light after a busy day.

I firmly believe that your home should make you smile.  When you walk in the door, you should like what you see. It's not about budget and "stuff."  It's about color, texture, ease of maintenance and thought.  It takes creativity, sweat equity (not a lot, but some) and a willingness to try something new.

Design by Marlaina Teich

Someone has GOT to help you with this, you're thinking.  Oh yeah, I agree.  Call an interior designer.  There are so many talented designers here in the Triangle.  They don't just do big, fancy houses.  They don't only shop and shop and shop.  They can help, they want to help and they'd love to come right on over and get started.  Short term consultations are probably the bread and butter of many designers right now. Just a couple of hours, talking things over with you. coming up with some ideas and solutions that you can implement on your own time and as your budget allows.  Giving you some resources like painters, electricians, carpenters, local stores, etc., to help you make good choices and keep you on track--and gets some of those painters, electricians, etc. working again. 

Mussman Design, CA

This is why DeCocco Design offers the Design Direction concept.  Read about it on my website.  But this isn't a commercial for me.  Go to the Interior Design Society website and see all the names of talented designers that you can call or check out online.  They can help you feel good in your home during this difficult time.

CKE Interior Design

The pictures used were just grabbed from Google Images.  I've credited the designers who provided such nice shots of their work.  They're eye candy to illustrate what I'm talking about.  A kitchen remodel may be a big job, but painting walls and moving furniture around are the other extreme in budget and time.  Small changes can go a long way in getting a house that makes you smile.

And that's what I want for you!


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