Friday, September 17, 2010

French Connections in Pittsboro

This shop is such a find.  French and African textiles, baskets, artwork, etc., very reasonably priced, in the cutest little house in the very sweet town of Pittsboro, NC.  French Connections.  The two countries mix very well together with their vibrant colors and beautiful craftsmanship. 

The baskets from various countries in Africa are gorgeous and of  high quality.  Whether a great big hamper or a small lidded basket that might sit on your desk and hold supplies, they're pretty darn fab.  The french dish towels make me swoon.  I really love dish towels.   Big cotton or linen towels of various colors fill a deep drawer in our kitchen.  I don't throw them out (or recycle them to the garage) until they are riddled with holes.  They feel so good and do such a great job of drying dishes and counters and little boy's messy faces after eating fruit popsicles.

And look at those handbags!  I think they're straw, but they were way up high and I didn't get to touch them, or price them.  But I want one!  There are a number of rooms, filled with all sorts of things, including antiques.  It's a fun place to explore. French Connections celebrates their 10th anniversary in October (the 10th month), 2010!  Go wish them a happy anniversary. 

Have you been to Pittsoboro?  A pleasant drive down Rt. 64 from Raleigh.  Over Jordan Lake.  Such a treat to see all that lovely, cool water.  Lots of trees.  Very pretty.  The town center has some nice shops, a wonderful place to eat called The Pittsboro General Store Cafe (really, really good) and the historic courthouse that accidentally burned down earlier this year and is being rebuilt.  Oh, it had quite the courtroom inside.  Like the set of a movie.  Actually I think it was used in several movies.  I think the old fashioned soda shop is still there, too.  I didn't have a chance to check that out this time.  Will report back on that one next time I go (which will be as soon as possible).


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  1. Thanks for the visit Anne! Those handbags you saw are made in Madagascar of handwoven raffia. They are priced between $24-34. Glad they caught your eye! Jacques & Wendy @ French Connections