Sunday, August 1, 2010

DeCocco Design, Back in the house!

Several years ago, I had a successful interior design business, based in Chapel Hill, NC.  A good time was had by all.  Wonderful clients, beautiful homes, booming economic times.  Then life intervened and my priorities had to turn in another direction. So the business was closed up, temporarily.  That was a over 4 years ago.

In the ensuing years, the economy ground to a screeching halt, the furniture business changed a whole heck of a lot, transportation costs skyrocketed, many businesses closed, etc.   It was a great time NOT to be looking for clients, that's for sure. But I've sat on the sidelines for long enough, so DeCocco Design is back in business.

I love being an interior designer and look forward to working again, although I know it's going to be different.  The economic boom times are, temporarily (remember that everything is temporary), over.  So I'm working on a new business concept that might be a better fit for clients right now.  Design Direction is a 2 hour consultation, in the client's home.  I will provide ideas and guidance and the benefit of many years of experience and formal training (B.S., interior design with a minor in art). 

Design Direction could make a huge difference in your DIY projects, but it can also be a big help if you're ready to work with a contractor on a remodel, renovation or new construction project.  I can advise on lighting plans, paint colors, possible resouces, floor plans, additions and on and on.  Working with a trained interior designer can save everyone time and money.  I'm betting that there's still a good amount of demand for design services out there, but people aren't comfortable paying a lot of money for it.  It's not that our talents aren't valued, it's just that we're all being more careful right now and that's just the way it is.  But feeling good in our homes is never more important than in tough times.  Design Direction is an affordable alternative, so here I am.

My new website is done and will be online today.  John, the web designer that I'm working with, is talented,  knowledgeable, creative and endlessly patient with me. Can you imagine what it's like to do this sort of thing with an interior designer? We're extremely visual and picky, picky, picky. He's a saintly man. He's putting the finishing touches on the launch as I type this.

The picture on the top of this post?  It's an illustration I did back in design school.  It's just a silly thing, I know--I drew it from a magazine picture.  But I cannot draw, so I'm proud of this little picture.  Must've taken me quite a few classes to do.  I still can't draw though.  I just thought I'd throw it in.  It's my blog.


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