Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trying to outsmart the birds


Do you see all the little green figs on the branch in the above picture?  In less than a month, they will be fatter and a lovely amber shade.  They will be SO delicious.  You will wonder what the heck that stuff is in a Fig Newton, because it tastes nothing like a fig fresh off the tree!

However, the birds and squirrels also know about the figs.  And I guess they stay up late at night, because they beat me to 99% of the figs, year after year.  So this year I'm trying to outsmart them.  Actually I'm trying to scare them away, but in a very gentle manner.

See those aluminum pie plates?  I've hung 9 of them up, on branches all over the tree. They're supposed to scare away the little darlin's because they twist in the breeze (what breeze?) and reflect the sun.  We'll see if it works.  I'll report back.  My husband wants to ship some figs to his dad who had a fig tree next to his house in Italy.  I have no idea how to ship figs, but will cross that bridge if I get any figs.


1 comment:

  1. Love the pie plates. When I was in Key West I learned an old Cuban trick to keep the flies away. They hang a clear plastic bag filled with water above the counter. Something with the way the light reflects off of it that keeps them away. Loving your blog Anne. Please keep them coming.
    A Big Fan From N.J.