Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Secret confession

The risk is high here--you will turn away in horror and never return to my blog after reading my secret confession of a thing that I covet.  But the truth will set me free, so here I go; I really want a clothesline.  I want a clothesline just like the one you see pictured above.  I snipped this out of Like Mother Like Daughter's blog  today.   Yes I, super sophisticated woman of the world that I am (okay, now I've lost you for sure and my friends are on the floor laughing), I want a clothesline.  My husband does NOT want one, which is why we don't have one.  He thinks they are just awful looking and tacky to boot.  But after reading that post and seeing that lovely picture, with the adorable dog laying in the grass, my resolve has grown dangerously strong.  

Have you ever smelled laundry that has dried out in the sunshine?  Have you seen how white a white cotton towel gets when it's dried on the line?  Even Pottery Barn can't bottle that kind of goodness.  Ok, I'm getting smarmy now at Pottery Barn's expense.  I'll stop.  But I won't take it back.


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