Friday, August 13, 2010

Midtown magazine

Latest issue of Midtown

Midtown magazine highlights and promotes the businesses in "midtown" Raleigh, the area surrounding North Hills and North Hills mall in particular.  The Midtown neighborhoods are just jumping with activity, so it's nice to have a guide to all the changes.  One thing I've often noticed with clients who have moved to this area is that they don't go out and explore other parts of Raleigh and the Triangle as it can be overwhelming.  Every bit of the Triangle is worth exploring because there's so much to discover.

Anyway, I digress.  I always find out about new stores, great medical practices, local artisans, builders, interior designers (my favorite), schools, etc. in this magazine.  You can find a copy at all kinds of businesses.  Just look at those magazine racks that are usually near the front door.  Free for the taking!    I almost always see someone I know personally in each issue.  Now that's local!


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