Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great design at Quintiles

Grandboy and I went to have lunch with my sister-in-law at her workplace, Quintiles, last week.  She thought it would be a fun field trip for Alex, and it was, but it was even more fun for me.  The place is fantabulous!  Just a beautiful space, top to bottom.

The decor is very mid-century modern, presented in a totally up to date way.  Finishes were consistent, comfortable and organic.  Marble, stainless steel, river rocks, leafy plants, glass and water are used over and over again, on each floor and provide a lovely flow to the building. 

Everything is easy on the eyes and the ears.  Colors are blue and green (I've mentioned the impact of that combination in a recent post). I got the sense that this company really values it's employees as they've been given a great environment to work in--not to mention a lunchroom with lots of delicious choices (including the best chicken salad I've ever tasted).  Loved it!


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