Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why do they call these the lazy days of summer?

I don't know about you, but there's no laziness going on around here this summer! Yes, the pace is slower during this season, but at the end things seem to really start picking up steam and it's a struggle to hang onto the peaceful vibe. The fabulous grandboy starts school in two weeks. We need to fit in a few more fun activities to finish things off right. I'll see if preschool movies are still playing at a local cinema today.

In the studio I'm working on a new wool needle felted pillow. This one has fish swimming in a deep blue sea with some oceanic accents. In the September issue of "Martha Stewart Living" there is a big article on needle felting! It's a fairly simplistic view, but a great place to start.
I've also got some lovely pillow cases in the developement stage. They will jazz up any bedroom, either softly or at a higher volume! I like the soft palette in my own bedroom, but the higher volume in the guest room as it's a darker room and can handle it.

We're going to talk about color in the next post that will tackle Step #3 in our decorating journey. The peach picture is to get you thinking about that. What colors! Ben Moore and Sherwin cannot compete with Mother Nature, but we can get a lot of inspiration from her. See the mix of shades that create such beauty and depth? Not one flat shade at all, is it? Layers are at work. Oh, and these peaches, from my local Harris Teeter, are delicious, too!



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