Monday, August 17, 2009

And you thought decluttering was hard!

Now we're off to step 2 in our redecorating process. It's cleaning! Whoo hoo! Sorry, still not having fun, but this is SUCH an important step. You wonder why your previous efforts haven't given you a space that makes you smile? Preparation, or lack of preparation, can make a big difference. You've gotten rid of all the "stuff" and now you've got to make sure that your underpinnings are spotless. I love old words. Thank you for the opportunity to use "underpinnings." It means the floor, shelving, walls, baseboards, etc, are dusted, washed, vacuumed and lovely.

While you're doing this, give your mind something pleasant to think about. I want you to come up with 3 words that describe how you want your space to look and feel to you. Be honest and use whatever words you want. Warm, cozy, spacious, zen, happy, calm, cool, colorful, restful, stimulating, whimsical, organized, eclectic, artsy, formal, sexy, clean, comfortable and modern are all words to get you started. I like to pick 3. Then, every time you look at something you might want to put in the space, you ask yourself, "is this zen, calm and cozy (or whatever your words are)?" This exercise gives you a lot of guidance along the way. I use it on every room that I do. It keeps me in check. I like everything!

Now go clean while you think about your words.



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  1. Je peux dir que sont tres jolie
    Very fine blog and photos
    Agapitos from Greece