Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's Get Started--with clutter!

Does your home make you smile?
I've got that on the top of my Etsy shop and on the business card for my hand made pillows (pillows! I'll drop in a picture!). I'm spreading the question around because it's the bottom line of good design for the home. If your home doesn't feel good to you, doesn't make you smile when you walk through through the door, then your decorating efforts have missed their mark. Today let's get started on our journey toward good home design. It doesn't have to be a long, hard journey. It can be a lot of fun!

My credentials? I'm a trained and experienced interior designer. My college degree says that I majored in interior design with a minor in art. I have my own design firm, DeCocco Design, and have worked for many years creating all kinds of lovely rooms for all kinds of wonderful clients. I love great design and my home makes me smile.

Discussion #1, I'm sorry to say, is about clutter. If you're ready to really make a change, the clutter needs to go. It helps to be "in the mood" to tackle it, but if that mood never strikes, then just plunge in anyway. Make it easy on yourself if you just can't toss the stuff; get a big box (or boxes, whatever it takes) and ruthlessly walk around the room you're working on and put ALL the little bits and pieces into the box. You don't throw it out--just put it aside in the box. Leave yourself only the furnishings. You'll do some "shopping" out of the box later on, but please try to let go of some of the stuff. You know there are things in there that would thrill someone else at the Goodwill shop.

In these tough, uncertain economic times, we all need to pare down, let go and get refreshed in any way that we can. You'll see that getting rid of clutter and working on your home space will work wonders.

You can do it and it's going to look FABulous! Next we'll talk about color.



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