Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation is a very good thing

We're back from vacation and I had a great time. Finally had a chance to go home, see my people and my places and introduce them all to my grandson. He's a wonderful traveller; slept like a log in the hotel, ate like a horse, played hard and, for the most part, acted like a gracious guest.

I came back totally inspired by the amazing architecture and gardens of my area of New England. That would include my sister's town of Falmouth, Maine (the prettiest town in the world), my brother's town of Plaistow, NH (charming, charming and his yard is a masterpiece) and my friend's town of Newburyport, Mass (a town full of history, beauty and fun). I need to find a way to hold on to the feeling that it all gave me. I took very few pictures as I decided that I would focus on taking it in through my eyes, with no other agenda at that moment. Of course you see I took a picture of the lobsters at dinner one day and of some shells in Karen's house. She's my oldest, dearest friend and can decorate with the best of us. Oh, it was all just so good.

I think we all need to take more vacations, don't you?


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