Friday, August 21, 2009

Let's color!

Now we're finally up to Step #3 in decorating your space--choosing a color for the walls. While white and ivory are perfectly lovely colors, the majority of us need a little more saturation in our shades. Don't be afraid. Remember that this is a background. Plenty of things are going to go over it, around it, near it. The only caveat that I want to give you is that if you've got a fabulous rug that you're going to use in this room OR if you're going to buy a rug, do it first. It's harder to coordinate a rug to a room than vice versa. Otherwise, let your eyes and your heart join together to choose a color for those walls. Personally, I like my walls to be easy on the eyes, so I choose soft shades. By "soft" I do not mean super-pastels or tints of white. My colors are usually 2 or 3 steps down on the paint chip. Accent walls, if you like them, (and I do, but only one accent wall per house please) can be much bolder.

I find it pleasing to choose colors that have a little bit of a gray undertone. They're more sophisticated and have more depth. I also like the finish of a painted wall to be eggshell, although I know there's a big push out there lately for flat finishes. I like eggshell--there's a tiny bit of sheen and they're easy to clean.

One more thing to remember; when choosing your color, don't be thinking of how you're going to "match" your furnishings and accessories to the wall color. You are NOT going to match things any more. Matching results in a flat, boring look. We want to coordinate, never match. Get on board with that concept and you're halfway there!

Really think about your color of choice. Give the colors you know you'd never want a chance. Somewhere lurking in there could be something fabulous that you might be ready to try after all. Consider shimmery grays, softest tuscan gold (gold with red undertones), yellowy greens, pale greeny yellows, khakis of all kinds. Avoid harsh, bright colors. Look hard outdoors to see what the colors are out there. Then buy those little sample pots that so many paint stores now offer and try them out until you find the one that makes you smile.

The pictures at the top of this post are courtesy of Sherwin Williams--one of my favorite stores. Great quality paint, knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Next, we'll put furniture back in the room.



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