Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To market, to market

Many years ago I tried my hand at rug hooking. It was a lot of fun and I made a couple of very pretty, small rugs. For traditional rug hooking, beautiful hand dyed, felted wool is cut into strips and then hooked into a backing. When we moved away from my rug hooking teacher and group, I wisely bought a quantity of wool from her for my next project. You know how that goes. A sample of that wool is in the picture on the bottom

One day I picked up a copy of the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors. There was an artcle about projects using felted wool in the magazine. I started experimenting with my wool and got hooked on needle felting at the same time. Needle felting uses roving, which is what yarn is before it's spun into those strands that we knit into sweaters and mittens. The picture on the top is a sample of my roving stash. So pretty to look at, so many choices of colors. Love it. It's a perfect marriage.

My specialty is accent pillows. They are great fun to make, although I do stab myself with those felting needles (barbed, not nice at all) and it's murder on my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (both hands!). Can't help it though, I'm obsessed. Not only am I not going to stop, I'm selling them--so I have to make more! Next post I'll show you some of the pillows I've made.

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