Thursday, July 21, 2011

A NYC kitchen

Heather Clawson is a talented young interior designer, living and working in New York City.  Her blog, Habitually Chic,  is one I subscribe to.  Click here so you can read it, too.  She works tirelessly at it--I believe there's a new post every day (amazing).  Heather writes about both interior and fashion design.  Just a little blurb that's interesting and informative, accompanied by great pictures!

Anywho, Heather recently wrote about moving from one apartment to another in the big city, and she showed us a picture of her new kitchen.  Made quite the impression on me.  Let's see what you think:

This is the After shot.  She's done a great job of polishing it up and making the most of the space.  Nice colors,  good organization, homey touches, orginal art that has meaning to her (my kind of girl).  This is the WHOLE kitchen!    


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