Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something new for the kitchen

Just wanted to share a few pictures that sent me today about some new kitchen products we can drool over ponder.
Here's a splashy little number--a glass countertop.  Oh, that blue is divine.  Comes in other colors and you can even put LED lighting in it (don't ask me how, it's by ThinkGlass, ask them).  What will happen when I drop a bowl on it?  The same thing that will happen when I drop a french fry on my Dior Couture silk skirt silly.

Another cool sink.  This one is called The Entertainer and it's by Lenova.  It has inserts that transform it from a regular working sink to a wine cooler, chopping block or condiment bar.  I'm assuming that your talented kitchen designer will be sure to have a cabinet nearby to hold the inserts when not in use.

And lastly, here's the Farmhouse sink by Herbeau Creations.  They say that in Provence, those old farmhouse sinks aren't all white or stainless steel.  They say that the color will transport you to the lavendar fields.  Oky doky. This is a very pretty, rich color, that's for sure.  Look at that graphite wall behind the sink.  Oh baby, that's a nice look.


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