Monday, January 17, 2011

Kitchen and Bath Galleries Remodeling Expo

Thanks to the fabulous Regina Tobin of Wallscapers, I went to the Remodeling Expo at Kitchen and Bath Galleries on Glenwood in Raleigh today (because she told me about it on FB).  So many wonderful ideas and products!  I think I touched every kind of backsplash  they sell.  I love the selection of finishes--glass, marble, granite, stainless, etc.  They also have beautiful flooring products, appliances, tv and audio systems--and just everything you need for your kitchen and bathroom updates.  Loads of pulls and knobs too, which can really add a personal touch, even if your budget isn't ready for the big time.

wouldn't this be a wonderful butler's pantry?
Kitchen and Bath Galleries

Even more importantly, I met some really nice people who can design and install all of the amazing products that I saw today.  We all know how hard it is to find the right people to do the job when we're ready to roll.  Let me give you a few names (if you click on them, it will bring you to their sites or emails--I'm very technologically advanced--ha!).

The Marengi's of California Closets are a delightful couple who obviously enjoy helping people organize their spaces.  Gotta love that!

clean lines, a place for everything
California Closets

Scott Frey of Freys Building & Remodeling put on a seminar entitled "remodeling your bath" and really connected with the crowd because of his easy manner and experience in the subject.

love the colors and finishes

Jay Beaman is a home builder and remodeling specialist with a large and varied portfolio and he's easy to talk to.  Beautiful details.
This may not be your personal style, but the workmanship tells you that this guy can do anything!

Mark Masters of "neuwave" can help you pull together your technology in every room of your house, right down to the remote control blinds in your Home Theatre space (but also in your kitchen, bedroom, etc.)  He has an office at Kitchen and Bath Galleries, so it's super easy to incorporate his services right into your project.

Mark showed me the Sonos wireless music system--the sound is SO good!

And just one more plug for Wallscapers, because Regina is so much fun to be around. You would not believe what they can do with your old cabinets, your dingy walls and your dated bookshelves!


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