Friday, October 29, 2010

Find of the week

Did I mention that I went to Hunt & Gather this week?  The one at 8724 Glenwood Ave..  Always plenty of interesting things there.  It's where I found the Find of the Week and here it is:

I'm so sorry I didn't note the price--I think it was something like $225.  As I often look for in my Finds, it's the kind of piece that's very versatile.  This would look great in many places in a home.  You could paint it or you could so leave it just as it is.  It's small in scale, but useful, and made out of pretty wood.  I like the little turned legs with stretchers.  I know, it kinda reminds me of the rocking chair that was a Find just two weeks ago.  I must be lovin' sweet furniture lately.  Hey, we all need sweet, homey touches in our houses.

I'd leave the finish alone, put a cushion made out of a colorful contemporary graphic fabric with contrasting welting and I'd use it to sit down and take off my sneakers when I got home from the Teeter.  Then I'd kick those sneakers underneath the bench till 45 minutes later when I head out once again!


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