Friday, October 22, 2010

Find of the week

Wow, it's already Friday!  That was a fast week.  Grandboy was sick for much of it, but now is well, albeit with a very froggy voice.  My find this week is another one from Once and Again, that great consignment shop in Durham.  But I've thought about this sofa the whole week.  It's a beauty:

Oh gosh, it just makes my heart beat so fast!  It's $450, "as is." I didn't look carefully to see if there's a big problem, but I can see it needs to be recushioned and upholstered.  But it's a stunner and a bargain, no matter what.  Folks, this is the sort of thing that designers snap right up, recondition and sell in the big city for thousands of dollars.  Look at the legs!  The wood frame!  The tight back and cushy pillow seat!  I think I'm getting the vapors over this one, although I saw it a week ago, so am sure it's long gone.  But keep your eyes peeled for pieces like this and snap them up for yourself!


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