Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall is SO GOOD!

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Ahhhhh.  Fall is really here.  We earned it this year, that's for sure.  Now everywhere I look I see rich, gorgeous colors.  Like the room above.  How great is that wall and the colors in the rug?  Notice the color of the two sofas though.  Nice, neutral beige.  They make the room work, giving the eye a place to rest.  I think the accent wall is kind of a pumpkin color.  If I see one more recipe for pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread or pumpkin casserole, I'm going to--nevermind, but the color of pumpkin is delish.  It's a great color, and hard to find a really good one.

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Look at this ceiling!  Now that's a delishy color!  Makes total sense in the space.  Why do so many of us settle for plain old flat white ceilings?  What are we thinking?

Ok, back to my neutral sofa thoughts (man, I need to focus).  Here's a new one by F. Schumacher.  Love it.  Really, I'm speechless.  This is such a beauty.

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  Sorry for the lack of a cohesive theme tonight.  I just felt like putting some pleasant thoughts out there to end my day.  The above picture is so pretty.  Crystal chandelier, a shimmery wall treatment and an embossed paper on the ceiling.  All set off with clean white trim. A soft look.  Makes me feel like all is right with the world.


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