Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two beautiful rooms

I'm totally cheating this week.  There's a LOT on my plate (all good stuff, but lots of it), so I'm just going to find photos that I've tucked away in a file and post them nilly willy.

This lovely room was designed by David Scott.  He says the addition of the fireplace made the room cozy.  I'll say.  Where would you want to be--on the chaise or on the bed?

David Scott design, again. This is such a fantastic example of how one bold print can transform a room.  I think this room is quiet and calm in it's monchromatic glory, but those drapes make it come alive in such a nice way.  I like that lamp over on the left.  Not too many people would think to put a table lamp in the dining room, but wouldn't it be nice to have that on at night when you don't need the chandelier?  More coziness. The wall treatment is cool, too.  Will have to check that out further to see exactly what it is.   I think these pictures came from the Decorati site.  I just checked--yes they do.  They've done a profile on Mr. Scott with these pictures of his work and much more.  Take a look and enjoy his work.

Have a great week!


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