Friday, July 16, 2010

The wonderful world of Ikea

I went to Ikea 2 weeks ago with my pal Christine.  She and her hubby are building a gorgeous home and she's looking for a few new items to put in it.  Ikea is SUCH a great store to visit.  Their style is clean, modern and fun.  Their prices are very affordable.  The quality is totally decent.  By that I mean you can't treat the merchandise roughly or it will look shabby in short order.  But why would you want to treat the merchandise roughly?  Take care of it and it will hold up well.   

I know, the pictures I've chosen today are kind of white and plain, but these are two fabulous items.  The chair is a clear plastic material (ployblablablab) and really looks sharp.  I'd use it in the kitchen at the desk, in any age child's room, or as extra seating tucked away in room.  How about around a bistro table? 

The pendant lamp is gorgeous and around $50.  See the cool diffuser over the lightbulb?  Nice touch.  A few of these over a big island would be delish.  I believe this also comes in black.  The online catalog doesn't show nearly enough stuff.  Christine bought a pendant light that has a big drum shade for over the kitchen table.  It's going to be stunning.

If you have an Ikea anywhere near you, go there and look.  It's worth a little day trip.  Totally fun.


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