Thursday, July 15, 2010

The magic of slipcovers

Calico Corners sent me a notice about their slipcovers and I wanted to share the photo with you.  I would guess that every seat in the above room is slipcovered and don't they just look great?  There are lots of slipcovered pieces in my house.  Once you've purchase a good chair or sofa, you can easily keep it for many, many, many years.  All you have to do when you're ready for an updated look, is to have a slipcover made. 

Finding a seamstress or upholsterer who does a fantastic job is key, but just ask around and you'll find them.  I'm really loving that blue chair on the left, just because it has the crisp white welting (some people call it piping, too) on it.  Adorable. Fresh.  When having a slipcover made, always consider having some contrasting welting.  It's what says "custom" to me.  If not contrasting, then just something a little different to add polish to the look.

When choosing your new fabric for the slipcover, consider something that can be thrown in the washing machine.  After washing, throw it in the dryer, but take it out and put it back on the cushions before it's completely dry.  That's how you get it wrinkle free. I love a good slipcover.


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