Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lovin' the look of Maine Cottage

I really love Maine Cottage furniture.  It's colorful and mixes comfortable, slightly old fashioned pieces with a contemporary twist.   Pictured here is their Zelda sofa in an outdoor wicker.  Right now the outdoor wicker is all 50% off.  If you go to their page and click on the "40 colors" tab, you can have fun trying out all the colors.  They sell furniture for every room in the house.  I've just been paying more attention to outdoor furniture because of the season. 

My sister, Susan, lives in Falmouth, Maine, and we went to the Maine Cottage store in nearby Yarmouth so that I could sit on the pieces and feel the fabrics.  I was very impressed with the construction.  Not inexpensive--but the sales are excellent and this furniture is going to last.  That store sits right on the water, so it's a very pretty place to visit. 

I really do believe in shopping locally whenever possible.  For example, Summer Classics in Raleigh sells gorgeous outdoor furniture, especially if you're looking for traditional pieces in classic stains (with amazing cushions).  But I also believe in seeking out special companies anywhere in the U.S.A. that offer something a little different.  Maine Cottage is a favorite of mine.


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