Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Local store review-antiques!

When Christine and I were in college  together (as adult students this time), we would go on "road trips" whenever we had a couple of hours between classes.  We would explore the surrounding area and had a lot of fun.  So now we continue that fine tradition whenever we can. 

Today we took a very short road trip right here in the Raleigh/Durham area.  We went into two antique shops on Rt. 70 in Durham, just north of Brier Creek in Raleigh.  Pictured above is the first one.  It's called K.A.S. Antiques.  It's a great place.  Karen, the owner, has accumulated a LOT of stuf.  Much of it is in the original, rough shape.  I like that.  The prices are reasonable and it's not all painted white, which seems to be the case at many other resources.  I like to paint my own pieces, thank you very much, and I would rarely ever paint anything white!  I brought home a little black iron bench for the porch--could be used as an extra seat, but I'm putting plants on it and will paint it a new color.  Karen's number at the shop is 919-451-1680.

Then we drove about 30 seconds further down the road to another shop, owned by Bob Johnson.  I don't think it even has a name, so just look for a place that looks like an antique/treasure shop right after KAS.  Mr. Johnson is a very interesting guy and has 10 rooms of stuff in his place.  Yes, 10 rooms (that's what he said and I believe him)!  He's open Monday-Saturday, noon to 5:00. Both places had some real finds and great prices and are run by nice people.  Go see for yourself!  And tell them that I sent you.


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