Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Holding my breath for those drapes!

I'm working on some photos that will grace the new Drapes order page on the website and just can't help but laugh at myself. What was I thinking? This whole e commerce- launching a product line-while working with (patient) clients-and raising a grandboy is totally insane!  But completely interesting at the same time and you KNOW that we will get there.  It must be like running a marathon.  I wouldn't know, but it seems like an apt comparison.  I bet we launch in 2 weeks!  Watch this space.

While working on the aforementioned photos this evening, I'm also writing back and forth with our wonderful web developer as he struggles to understand all the patterns and colorways of each drape fabric and coordinating trim.  Poor man.  Even the most brilliant, talented and creative person can crack when it comes to fabrics and trims. I laugh at him and crack the whip.  He ignores me smugly, knowing that he holds the key to our success at reaching you all and showing you our amazing drapes. Then it turns out that I've mislabeled some of the swatches.  Oh dear.  I've turned in my whip.

Here's a photo slated for the "rejects" pile.  The photo, not the drape, the drape is fabulous.   It's our Ovals pattern in Steel with a simple white trim, edged in Slate:

I was trying to be artistic with the composition.  It's kinda fuzzy. 


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