Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Joyful Noise

I'm a lifelong Roman Catholic, although am sure I'm the kind that makes the Pope roll his eyes. Yes, I'm a pick-and-choose Catholic, believing and not believing in all kinds of things my church does not.  But I love the Mass, the music, the priests and the community here in my tiny part of the world.  This Sunday, during Mass at St. Francis, we had a guest speaker by the name of ValLimar Jansen

ValLimar doesn't just speak.  She also sings (what a voice!) and is a performer of the highest level. It was jaw dropping and fabulous. Catholics are generally a quiet bunch. ValLimar is a Catholic like I've never seen. She is on fire with her talent and love of life. It was joyful, uplifting, entertaining and just completely awesome! She will be performing for the next couple of days at St. Francis of Assisi and I hope to see her at least one more time.  ValLimar is the embodiment of a joyful noise!


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