Sunday, May 1, 2011

Such a lovely weekend!

This is a shot of my back yard yesterday.  It's just bursting with life--and this is before the Black Eyed Susans and Gardenias make an appearance!  I love the green so very much.  Always thought I'd never get a home with a view, but this house has proven me wrong.  Every window looks out at something pretty--verdant and restful.  

Our irises are not the big bearded variety, but a very small flower on tall, thin stems.  SO pretty.  I only pick the ones that fall over.  We should plant more of these in the Fall.  Remind me please!

I really enjoyed spending some time on Friday morning with the Royals.  This is really what HDTV was invented for.  The colors, the splendor, the architecture--all so sharp and vivid.  Made even more fun because Hub and I have been to all of those places and it was nice to remember what a spectacular city London is.  Simply brilliant!

Lastly, let me tell you that a bowling party for a 6 year old is a VERY good idea.  Great value for the money, everything taken care of for the adults and so much fun to watch the kids bowl!  Buffalo Lanes North in Raleigh is a wonderful place!


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