Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now it's Lego computer games.

Haven't been posting much because I'm really busy with design work.  So this afternoon I pushed away from my desk and took Grandboy to the store to make a fun purchase.  I've aleady told you in a past post how I learned which Star Wars characters to buy for Grandboy's education on popular culture.  A quick update on that--he's got a number of fabulous Star Wars dolls  characters at this point.

So today's shopping trip brought a new challenge--computer games.  To be exact, Lego Indiana Jones 2, The Adventure Continues."  Man, the title alone should have been a clue.  The adventure continues all right.

We brought the game home and Hub put it on Grandboy's computer.  I left them alone, knowing that there was going to be a learning curve, which I wanted nothing to do with.  Oh dear.  There was crying, yelling, stamping of feet and gnashing of teeth, and I'm not going to tell who did what.

After dinner, Hub went searching online for some help and finally figured out that he needs a game controller--an XBox 360 blabbity blab.  You can buy a generic at Best Buy, so we'll head back over there tomorrow and get it.  I told Grandboy to mark this day.  Many years from now, when Hub is on the Senior Tour of Video gaming, we'll remember that it all started here.


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