Monday, January 3, 2011

My favorite gift from Santa

Ahhhh, it's over.  Lovely holiday.  It was wonderful.  Our family austerity program totally enhanced Christmas.  While there was still lots to do and plan and shop for, it was on a smaller scale.  That really took the edge off for me.  We had to be more creative with our gifts to keep the costs down.  That meant we had to listen more carefully to each other to know what we really wanted.  There were no technological wonders on the list--things that actually tether us more closely to work and make precious time fly by more quickly.  We got books and tools and warm sweaters in fresh colors, stuff like that.  Of course, Grandboy got all the things on his wacky list (except for a Wii, he's 5, too young and we're not encouraging more time in front of a TV, no matter what's on it).

Here's my favorite gift.  You're going to think I'm nuts, but here goes;

It's a Yankee Screwdriver!

Actually an Eazypower Isomax Contractor Push Pull Screwdriver.  I've wanted one forever!   SO MUCH easier than using a power drill for all kinds of small jobs.  Hey, interior designers have a constant need for screwdrivers and drills (at least this one does, so maybe it's just me)!  It's the size of a regular large screwdriver and comes with several different kinds of bits (the end that goes into the screws or wall or toy or hinge or many, many other things).  Then you just pump the handle and it turns the screw! It's a power tool without the need for any power.  A little switch on the side allows you to go forward or backward.  No batteries, no bulky thing to try to finangle into tight spaces and no muscles necessary.  I LOVE THIS THING!  Hub got it at Burke's Hardware in Raleigh.

You're thinking that this is not a properly romantic gift for a husband to give his wife?  Au contraire mes amis.  It means he really listened to me and didn't pass judgements on my odd love of proper tools (which are things that make my life easier and allow me to do more things that I want to do).  I think that's very romantic.  I've already used my new screwdriver once and Hub has used it too.  Now he's a convert to it's magic.


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  1. I had no idea that anyone still made those ...

    Pretty cool!