Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Antiques & Interiors Sale

Today I went to the Preview of Southern City Markets Antiques and Interiors Sale Event (quite a mouthful).  They had advertised heavily in the design community; postcards, FaceBook alerts, emails, so I thought they deserved a visit because of all that effort!  There's an interesting mix of items from several local vendors.  While I was there,  I took a picture of the bench below because it illustrates how nicely a pretty cushion finishes off a bench and wasn't I just showing you a bench last week in my Find of the Week post?  Yes, I was!

Here's the bench (ok, more like a settee) from today's sale.  Very pretty.

And here's the bench from last week's Find at Hunt and Gather.  A cushion would polish it right up.  Since there are no sides to this bench, I'd be sure to have little ties in the back to attach it safely.

The Southern City Markets sale is being held from November 4-7, at 312 W. Johnson Street in Raleigh.  Have fun!


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