Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Traditional Home

Everyone has a favorite magazine.  It's the one you've been reading for more years than you can count and always makes you happy when it arrives in the mail  These days, magazines are folding so fast it makes us all tremble.  I'm happy to report that my favorite is still alive and kicking.  Traditional Home has successfully kept up with the times and is always chock full of information on new products, trends and classically designed homes and their interiors. 

They feature homes of many styles--don't be mislead by the word "traditional."  That word encompasses a feeling of quality, stability and timeless appeal as these pictures from past issues showcase.  Featured each month can be a mid century modern home, a classic cottage in Nantucket, or a renovated townhome in Chicago.  This month's issue focusses on a number of interiors in Brooklyn.  Each home showcases the different ideas and lifestyles of its owners. 

I have a local favorite, too.  Will post about that one tomorrow!


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