Monday, February 1, 2010


I was going to shut this baby down, but have decided to try again. It's hard to blog, whine, whine. I'm a talker, not a writer.

So we had snow in NC over the weekend. Grandboy thinks it's wonderful. He's wrong, but it's his opinion and there's no changing that. Today the sun is shining and the temps are rising, so all will be well soon. In the meantime, we'll go out and play in it one more time.

I'm working on a couple of projects in the house this winter. First I'll show you the fireplace project. It's a big, brick, kind of dark thing, yet lovely in it's own way. We love our fireplace and have roaring blazes in it as often as possible. Very cozy. But I like light and clean lines, so have come up with a solution. Will leave you with the "before" picture today and will update as we progress. The photo makes the brick wall look a bit brighter than it actually is--maybe I had the flash on. Really, it's kind of dark!


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