Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Pillows Go Out!

Last week another box of pillows went out to my favorite art gallery, Sanctuary of Davidson. I need to get to work on more, but the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is making it impossible to needle felt. Even as I sit here and type, my hands have gone numb. I will get this fixed ASAP!

These pillows were, as usual, a lot of fun to make. Two of them took a very long time. Sigh, I love them. We spend so much time together and I fuss over every little detail. The other two are simpler, faster, less expensive for the buyer, but still unique and fun. I love them, too. They are all soft and cushy and bring a smile--that's their job and they make it their business to get the job done!

A tad of progress on the fireplace. Mike has painted the new sheetrock with primer, we've decided on how the legs, lintel and trim are going to look and now we're waiting for the wonderful carpenter, Paul, to show up and finalize everything and get to work. When Paul and I get together, we tend to go over every detail once again and make changes. We'll paint the sheetrock with the wall color before he comes to install everything. That way there will just be some touch-ups to do after the crown molding goes back up. There are a lot of details on this little job!



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